Radio Line Of Sight

Since 1987, RAFT Systems has been designing and planning radio networks both for the PTO, private and public sector markets.

RAFT have developed an impressive track record in over twenty-seven countries, ranging from network planning, through to full installation and commissioning services for 100+ link PTO roll outs.  We have consistently maintained our core area of expertise, which is in the design and supply of microwave radio networks, enabling us to provide a wide range of network design services including a unique and extremely cost effective Radio Line of Sight capability.

Using hand held instruments RAFT are able to prove paths up to 60km.

The benefit over other methods being:

  •  Fully duplex for ease of alignment
  •  Range up to 60km (80km has been achieved)
  •  Rapid path verification
  •  All weather capability (subject to working at height constraints)
  •  Path clearances verified
  •  Path distance verified
  •  Built in voice link with call function

We run numerous demonstration events throughout the year to show case how the radio LoS works, giving clients a working appreciation of its capabilities and allowing a more hands on approach. If you would like to arrange a free demonstration, please email us at:

In the meantime, the short video below will give you a taster of how quick and effective a radio survey can be.