11 Mar

High speed wireless broadband for rural areas where fibre can’t reach

Around a quarter of rural premises in the UK - almost one million - are unable to get broadband of at least 10Mb, with almost 250,000 premises unable to get even 2Mb. In rural communities, broadband deals through a phone line, 3G/4G or satellite are usually slower and more restrictive than their equivalents in towns and cities, and they're almost always more expensive.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) provides a cost effective alternative and is commonly used in remote rural area networks. These typically use a mix of Wi-Fi and point-to-point Microwave Radio technology to deliver their capacity.

Lightly licenced E-Band Microwave Radio links, capable of providing fibre like connectivity with speeds of up to 10Gb are a cost effective option that can provide Wireless Broadband network, or other providers, with high capacity from either a backhaul or access standpoint.

Being lightly licenced these can be quickly installed - within two weeks in the majority of cases - bringing customers quickly online and substantially reducing ROI timescales.