10 Feb

RAFT Systems were contracted by VTMS network provider, Kongsberg Norcontrol, to provide new microwave radio links as part of a network upgrade. This also included relocation of existing links and a connection to PD Ports Facility at Hartlepool, all with minimal disruption to the Ports Vessel Traffic Management Capability.

Our involvement included providing an external cabinet located at high level on the Transporter Bridge, assisting with tower build and installation of VTMS equipment.

Another Ports project saw us this time contracted by Associated British Ports (ABP) to provide connectivity between various remote locations to bring back data to the VTMS centre at Grimsby. This comprised of a microwave radio protected ring network, with further protection provided by 1+1 radio terminals.

A number of the paths crossed the Humber, and as such a space diversity configuration was used to overcome the effects of fades due to reflections associated with tidal movement. The ring protection arrangement overcame issues associated with link interruptions due to shipping movements.

Again, RAFT worked alongside and assisted Kongsberg Norcontrol, the VTMS integrator, in delivering the network, which was an upgrade of that previously provided by both company’s

The installation had to take into consideration the coastal environment and ruggedised external equipment was installed to this end. It also had to be sympathetic from an aesthetic standpoint, as one of the locations used was the 61m tall Grimsby Hydraulic Tower, which was built in 1852 and stands at the entrance of Grimsby Royal Dock.

RAFT are particularly adept at carrying out work in both difficult and safety critical environments, and have developed an impressive track record in over twenty-seven countries. We feature on several procurement portals,  and are an accredited Arqiva Gateway climbing company. Our staff are highly trained for the environments we work in, including GWO, HUET, IPAF, ECS and working at height.